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Sew  What  Tailoring  Shop

  • Leather belts

  • Leather shoes

  • Leather bags

  • Leather pants

  • Leather jackets


With over 35 years of tailoring experience, we know how to work with different materials.

The purpose of casual wear is to give you comfort. At Sew What Tailoring Shop, we do alterations to your casual tees and jeans so that they're not only comfortable but look good on you too!

Leather Repair

Drapery Alterations

Bring your curtains and draperies to us and get it altered to fit your window perfectly. If you're looking for alteration jobs with a quick turnaround in Hanover, PA,

you're in the right place.


Our reasonable rates and prompt service make us the obvious choice for all your alteration needs!

Choose Us for Comfortable Casual Fits