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By guest, Jun 30 2015 04:48AM

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May 31 2018 01:57PM by Mari Conners

When I was a young girl, admittedly sometime back, ladies were ladies and fellows were gentlemen and they dressed as such. Somewhere along the line we have come to believe that the most important aspect of our lives is "dressing down." While I certainly endorse and support being "comfortable," I also believe there is great comfort in well-fitting garments. We don't have to look sloppy to be comfortable and being noticed for our lack of style and sensibility, is in poor taste. In life, dressing the part is still important. We can certainly wear loose clothes to clean the house, and mow the grass, etc., but when you are out and about, put on your "glad rags." Over the years, I have purchased many sale items that were a bit big on me. But, fortunately, I discovered a seamstress whose magic made them not only a great bargain, but a great fit as well!

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