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By sewwhatalt14105703, Feb 6 2017 07:17PM

I watched an old movie over the weekend and it reminded me of my childhood when my folks would sit and watch a movie and I would join them.

Everyone was dressed so impecibly! The men were in suits and ties, some with vests and a pocket watch. It was rare to see a man without a hat. Their trousers just touching the top of the shoe with a slight break in the crease of the pant . If their suit coat was off, for the most part, they were at home with their wives and children. The women were so amazing. For the fun of it watch an Audrey Hepburn movie sometime. The dresse, and jewelry, and hairstyles. They too were so elegant just being at home, and when they went out they were simply breathtaking.

Life has gotten so busy for everyone that I think that for some reason it became too time consuming to put effort into our daily dressing routine. Does it really take that much longer for men to button their shirt all the way down and add a necktie? Truthfully, for me,I think slipping into a dress is faster than putting on slacks and a blouse or sweater. Add wow! does it ever make a difference in how we are percieved. For those that choose to "dress up," my guess is that they skyrocket upwards in their profession simply because they stand out and get noticed.

I won't bring politics into this, but did you notice how our new First Lady dressed on Inauguration Day? You may not have liked the color or even the particular style of her dress, but it was done with class and sophistication. Perhaps people in general might be kinder towards others if they put a higher degree of effort into how they themselves care for themselves.

By guest, Jun 30 2015 04:48AM

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